Krys provides electric vehicles in 2 and 3 wheel variants depending on your needs.

Krys 2 wheeled bike - City ZipperKrys 2 wheeled electric bikes:

  • Commuting

Krys bikes can fold so you can take the bike on the bus or train, or even take the bike in to your workplace so you can keep it secure near your cube and show it off to your colleagues!

Krys commuting bikes can whiz you past the rush hour traffic on the many bike paths now being put in place.  Rush hour car speeds are on average approximately 10 km/h - check out Sydney on Google Earth for an interesting view of rush hour.  Krys bikes offer sustained power assisted speeds of around 25km/h.

Got a few things to carry to work?  The larger Krys commuter bikes have racks built in suitable for panniers, so you can carry your iPad, Macbook, camera, papers, etc.

  • Shopping

Krys Beach CruiserKrys electric bikes give you a helping hand up hills with loads so that shopping trip that you used to take the second family car for, can now be done with no CO2 output and a whole lot more fun.

If you buy lots of shopping, Krys also sell a shopping cart that easily clips on to the back of the bike to carry your milk, yoghurt, potatoes and other heavy or bulky items.

  • Fun extended distance trips

Before Krys electric bikes were on the scene, family fun cycling trips with the children at the weekend might be limited to about 10 kms around the home area.  Now, with the average speed of the bike increased and the effort per km reduced, trips further afield are possible.  Day trips of 20 to 30 kms away are now possible with easy round trip distances of 50 to 60 kms possible - more if you also take along a solar charger to top up the batteries over a long lunch break.  Cycling for more than an hour is now easier, especially for those who are less fit or age challenged.  

Cycling a Krys bike is much more fun than normal, so you tend to want to carry on to see 'what is around the next corner'.

Krys 3 wheeled electric bikes

  • carrying the kids.  

Krys 3 wheeled Cargo TrikeThe Krys three wheel cargo bike has seats and harnesses built in so you children can ride with you.  They travel in front of you so you can keep an eye on them and they can see where they are going easily.

  • Heavy shopping trips

If you are family shopping, the cargo bike can carry those heavy loads, up to 60kg of stuff - enough for most families of 4 for a week.

Krys electric scooters

  • Deliveries

Krys Classique ScooterKrys electric scooters have several advantages over petrol versions.

  1. Better 'stop - start' performance.  When stopped at a destination, the engine is not left idling and burning fuel.  Once the throttle is released, the motor stops using power from the battery.
  2. Much easier to maintain.  The moving parts on a Krys scooter include the steering, handlebar devices, brakes and wheels - same as a normal petrol scooter, but Krys scooters don't have any petrol motor to top up with oil, petrol, pistons to replace, pedals to fix, chains to oil, no smelly or oily exhaust to clean up, etc.  Much simpler and cleaner to operate.
  3. Easy to charge up between deliveries.  Simply plug in to a normal eletricity outlet to top up the power.
  • Commuting

Travelling at up to 50km/h with zero carbon footprint possible with solar or wind charging, Krys Electric Scooters are great for getting to work.  Some models provide a range of up to 160 km before needing a recharge, enough for most local commutes.

  • A quick trip to the shops

Being street legal and registered, the scooters will nip along with their 1000 to 3000 watt motors at up to 50km/h, their legal limit.  The tail box and storage under the seat and in the foot well on most models allows you to carry a few bags of shopping.  Enough for a week or so of fresh meals.  And, being 2 seaters, you can take your friends or loved ones along for the fun ride.

  • Carrying your loved one to the beach or the hills camping

Hot red Krys Contemp ScooterFancy an evening trip to the beach a few kms away with your young love?  No problem on a Krys scooter.  Just like the romantic Vespas of yesteryear and now back in fashion, a Krys electric powered scooter will have you zipping along to your destination with 2 main differences:

  1. No fuel burn - this means no smelly fumes, no CO2 released to the air, and much cheaper cost
  2. No noise - except the screams of exhileration from you and your passenger!

If you are planning on a trip up the hills to go camping, the more powerful scooters have a 3000 watt motor.  Roughly with the same output as a 125 to 250 cc bike, these electric motors start giving their power at low RPM to carry you up the steepest hills to get the best views for sunrise and sunset.  The scooters have enough space in the tail box or in the footwell for a small tent and some supplies.