Disc BrakesDisc brakes on a bicycle work in a similar manner to a car’s disc brake, squeezing a rotating disc that is attached to the bike’s wheel. In a car, hydraulic fluid is used to squeeze the brake pads due to the high forces needed to slow the vehicle. In a Krys bike the brake pads are levered together by using a low maintenance cable.

  • Disc brakes offer more effective stopping both in dry and wet weather.
  • Disc brakes have incredible stopping power and a firm feel combined with low maintenance

Once you have tried disc brakes you will see why there is a trend for performance bikes to use this method.



V-brakes are a proven technologyV-Brakes offer good cost effective stopping power. Shimano have trademarked the term V-Brake which has become a defacto standard on mid-market bicycles.

  • V-Brakes are a significant improvement over the older and more difficult to use and adjust cantilever brakes which are now only found on older and very low budget bikes.
  • V-Brakes apply a direct pull to the two brake pads, applying much greater leverage than older styles of cable or push rod operated brakes.