New models on the way

New models are on their way.  Just got the first pics of production models from our QA in China - looking nice so far!  These models will have a choice of 3 or 7 speed Shimano hub gears or no gears!  

No gears will be provided instead with a NuVinci N360 Constant Variable Transmission (CVT). The N360 is a top of the range CVT system providing infinitely variable ratios across a wide range of speeds.  This magical device is well suited to an electric bike where you want a comfortable ride, unprecendented smooth gear changes when the road is undulating, without loss of power or speed.  

The new models that I test rode in April in China, 3, 7 and N360 models, were very nice to ride.  They are an upright model with great visibility, all round disc brakes, throttle and the ability to easily isolate the throttle, should the local Australian rules change to make this illegal.  This may well not happen though, with the new regulations coming in as an adjunct to the current rules, rather than a replacement of them.  The 36volt, 10 Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries are more expensive to buy up front, but in the long run will save the rider (and us!) money.  These batteries have a longer lifespan, in the region of 3 to 5 years in normal use, or around 1500 to 2000 charge cycles with regular use.  Our insistance on these batteries is an investment for us too.  The theory is that the fewer times you have to change your batteries over the next few years, the happier you will be with your Krys bike, the more friends you will tell about your new bike and we will get more referral least that is the theory - let's see what happens!

The range of these bikes so far tested is in the order of 50kms.  We will be testing the heck out of the bikes when they arrive so stay tuned for latest results and videos!