Shaft Drive

Top 10 Reasons Shaft Drive Bikes Are Better
1. Smarter Gearing 
Our chainless bikes provide incredible gear range without greasy sprockets, chains and derailleurs. By combining an innovative shaft drive with Shimano’s advanced internal gearing, our bikes deliver a full-range of gears to tackle any terrain – from city streets to tough mountain trails.

2. Less Maintenance
Our shaft drive bikes are designed to be easier to maintain. The Shimano Nexus hubs are specially designed for low maintenance, and the fully enclosed shaft drive system keeps the gears and shaft drive protected from the elements and from crash damage, dramatically reducing the frequency of tune-ups and repairs required by chain-derailleur bikes.

3. Safer
With Krys chainless bikes, all moving parts are fully enclosed and won’t tear clothes or cause injuries. Unlike chain-driven bikes that have sharp teeth on the sprockets, as well as chains and derailleurs to get clothes caught on, shaft drives are worry-free.

4. More Durable
All the mechanical components of the shaft drive and internal gearing are fully enclosed and protected from rain, dirt, mud, salt air and road grime. In addition, unlike chains and derailleurs that are fully exposed, the rugged construction of the shaft drive can withstand impacts that would cripple chain bikes.

5. Cleaner
Because the shaft drive and gears are fully enclosed, there is no grease to end up on your hands and clothes. This makes chainless bicycles more practical and convenient to ride with any type of clothing.

6. Always in the Right Gear
With our chainless bikes, shifting is independent of pedaling, so you do not need to be pedaling to change gears. This means you can switch gears at any time – even at a complete stop – making it easy to always start in the best gear for the terrain. In addition, our grip shift provides a gear indicator that clearly displays what gear you are in at all times; no more looking down at your gears to see where the chain is.

7. Faster Gear Transitions
By combining our shaft drive with Shimano’s internal gearing, we’ve optimized the gearing to match rider needs. Its wide gear spectrum and responsive grip shift mean fewer gear changes to keep you in an optimal gear on any terrain. 

8. Easier to Transport
Because our chainless bicycles have no greasy chain, dangerously sharp sprockets or delicate derailleurs, they are far easier to load on and off vehicles for transport. No more greasy palms, greasy wrists, cuts or scrapes just trying to load or unload your bicycle on your car, boat or RV.

9. Looks Great
With their sleek, modern design, shaft drives update and streamline the look of the bicycle. Yet beneath this attractive exterior is a reliable drive system that performs as great as it looks.

10. Quieter and More Consistent
Krys shaft drive bikes eliminate derailleur and chain noises for a smooth, quiet ride. Our bikes are also easy and super smooth to pedal and deliver more consistent results from each pedal turn. With a constant 94% efficiency, our shaft drive bikes perform more consistently than chain and derailleur bikes that range in efficiency from 75% for poorly tuned systems up to 97% for perfectly tuned systems.