Environment Focus

All Krys' activities are focussed on low carbon impact, low pollution, high efficiency operations.

Krys uses video conferencing instead of travel whenever possible, bike batteries are made from eco-friendly Lithium compounds not lead acid, our delivery vehicles are electric or diesel powered, enabling a zero or near zero carbon footprint when using solar power and bio-diesel and our component suppliers are chosen with eco-friendly activities as a high priority. Krys has always been and always will be 'Lead Free' - except for our accountant's pencils that he is always charging us for - but technically that would be graphite which is bio-degradeable.

Krys recycles and reuses its packaging internally. Cardboard boxes are made from recycled cellulose from scrap and then are returned to the earth or recycled into more cardboard packaging. Polystyrene packaging is refused whenever possible in favour of compressed moulded paper.

Krys uses renewable sourced electricity, rain water caught in a tank and solar power to supplement grid power.

Even our lunches are made with ingredients from our local vegetable patch to avoid the carbon cost of transporting food to the supermarket.

Needless to say, we normally commute by electric bike!