Krys works with high quality factories in Taiwan and China uses leading branded components such as Shimano, RST, Zoom, Tektro and Panasonic to ensure your bike has a long and reliable life.

Krys uses reliable and long term cost effective Lithium based batteries. Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) and lithium manganese (LiMnO2) provide much longer life and are far lighter and higher capacity than cheaper initial cost lead acid batteries.  In the long term, Lithium batteries are more cost effective than lead acid and Silicone batteries.

The core of your bike, Magnesium Alloy frames with 3 tough paint coats ensure a strong and lightweight frame that will last for years.

Krys' tyres are tough and puncture resistant with optional tougher than nails 'Slime' to ensure that any punctures you may get do not stop you in your tracks.  City bike tyres also have reflective strips on the walls to ensure that you are seen at night from side on.

Krys' brakes are effective at stopping you in a very short distance.  The extra weight of the motor and batteries requires the use of disc brakes and, with Shimano hub gears, roller brakes at the rear. Being based at the wheel hub, this combination is also very effective in wet weather, when normal V-brakes or caliper brakes are using a wet wheel rim to stop the bike.