Technology Overview

Krys uses the most up to date, reliable technology that makes riding a Krys vehicle safe and enjoyable.  Follow the menu links for more details.

Some examples:

  • Handlebars - on most of our bikes the handlebars are fully adjustable using a simple lever.  This means that you can easily change the fit of the bike for different riders or for different terrain or conditions.
  • Brakes - an important safety feature.  That is why Krys uses disc brakes whenever practical.  Disc brakes offer better stopping with longer component life and wet weather performance.  Disc brakes also allow the use of a simple, clean and effective disc brake lock to stop any unauthorised riders.  When hub gears are fitted, the rear brake is preferably a roller brake, also a very safe, efficient and powerful brake system.
  • Batteries - where possible, are made from Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4).  This sounds complex, but what it means is that the batteries are safer, longer lasting and have more power for less weight than other types of batteries.  Of course, these benefits come at a slight increase in cost, but in the long term, you will save money and time and have less hassle.  For Krys, this means we will have happy customers over a long time.
  • Shaft Drive - on some models the chains have been replaced with a shaft drive.  The shaft drive creates less friction than the links in a chain so you cycling is easier.  Shaft drives have less 'play' in them, so the rider gets more feedback from the bike through the legs.  Best of all, the shaft drive is sealed from the outside dust and grime - this means no cleaning, no oiling, and no oily marks on your trousers from exposed parts of chains.
  • Chain Casing - on bikes without shaft drives with inner gears, the chains are enclosed in a tough polycarbonate (same as used in bulletproof shields) casing.  The casing is easy to remove for lubrication but still shields your clothes from inadvertent marks.
  • Lock - many Krys bikes come with fixed locks on the rear wheel to prevent someone riding away with your pride and joy.

These are just some of the technology features of Krys bikes to make your ride safe, enjoyable and fun.