What is the law for electric bicycles? 

In all Australian states and territories any pedal bike can be electrically assisted up to 200W and not require license or registration.  This regulation has been subject to interpretation by some police officers and magistrates so you should seek your own legal advice and check your state or territory laws with your local authority prior to using a Krys vehicle on public roads.

You need to obey the normal road rules, the same for any other bicycle such as wearing a helmet.

Krys supplies some electric bicycles over 200 watts for off road use and in the form of road registrable moped or 'Vespa' style scooters.  The scooters need registration as an L class moped and require 3rd party insurance and a more protective helmet to be worn.  These powerful scooters are capable of speeds up to the legal limit of 50km/h.

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