Why the big difference in price between Krys electric bikes?

Krys provides electric bikes and scooters of varioous types.  

For example, some smaller bikes that fold and can be carried on the bus and train are fairly inexpensive, but if you want a bike to go a long distance, say commuting directly to work or to carry shopping and/or your children, then you need a bike a bit bigger, with more battery power and a heavier duty frame.

Factors in the price difference include:

  1. Aluminium and magnesium alloy frames are lighter and longer lasting but more expensive than steel. 
  2. Lithium Nano Phosphate batteries are about 3 times the price of lead-acid batteries, approximately $350 vs $120, but last 10 times the life of the best lead acid types.  Krys do not supply lead acid batteries due to these economic factors and environmental issues associated with producing and disposing of lead acid batteries.
  3. The higher the volt and ampere hour or watt hour rating of the batteries the more cells they contain and are hence more expensive.
  4. Accessories - integrated lights, racks, nice seats and MP3 capabilities will all add to the price.

Why are Krys Electric Bikes so cheap compared to other makes?

  • Krys has direct links with high quality manufacturers in China and Taiwan - no middle men or importer margins.
  • Krys designs and specifies its own bikes to meet Australian standards and market demands using off the shelf high quality components like Shimano and RST - no third party designers - just a direct link from you to the manufacturer.
  • Krys is a low cost base producer - that mean you are not paying for high end branding and marketing costs and expensive city based retail premises.  You pay for the bike and peace of mind of warranty terms which are industry leading.