Battery Care

How do I care for my battery?

The lithium battery is the most expensive part of your electric bicycle and worth taking good care of. Krys vehicles have their own built in Battery Management System (BMS) that protects it against being short circuited, overheating, or cells within it that don't do their equal share of taking a charged and giving it back. The BMS helps where it can, but you can still do things to assist prolonging the life of the battery.

  1. Do not over charge the battery.  The BMS will normally protect against this, but it is better for the environment to unplug when the battery is charged so you stop drawing any latent current.
  2. Always use the supplied charger or an authorised replacement.  Lithium batteries should not be trickle charged and MUST be charged at the correct voltage and current or they will be irreparably damaged.
  3. Do not use lead acid battery chargers with Lithium batteries.
  4. Charge the Lithium batteries shortly before using.
  5. Unless you need full range from the bike, leave the battery charging until you need it.  Do not charge too frequently - this will reduce the overall life of the battery.  If you use the bike for a long trip every day, then it is fine to charge it every day.  If you just use the bike for a short trip of, say, less than 10 or 20km, then leave the charging until the battery is about 30 to 50% of its useful charge.  Full batteries will not give you more cycling power, just longer range.  Lithium batteries do not have a memory effect.
  6. Keep your battery cool - hot batteries will have a reduced life span.  Some people in warmer climates even keep their batteries in the fridge.  Do not leave the bike or the battery in the sun.  Try to avoid battery temperatures over about 40 degrees C.
  7. Don't drop or otherwise abuse your battery or connect your battery to anything other than the ebike you bought it with.  Other ebikes may use different voltages and have different current requirements.  This may damage the battery or the bike or both.