How far can I ride?

How far can I ride an electric bike before re-charging?

The total range depends on many factors listed below.  Generally, the range of a Krys electric bike is at least 30km and can extend up to about 70km.  Krys Electric Scooters have approximately 80km range, or with the Ute Scoot and a second battery installed the range doubles to approximately 160km.

  • Terrain - uphill is bad, downhill is good!
  • Rider fitness - the fitter you are, the more power you can contribute to the ride.
  • Battery capacity - the more watt hours in the battery, the further you will go on battery power.
  • Battery age - older batteries will also reduce the range, though this is not as pronounced with Krys Lithium nano phosphate batteries as other types of battery.
  • Motor efficiency - the more efficient the motor the further you will go.  Krys motors are industry leading in efficiency terms - over 80% when at high speed.  Compare that to your car which is 10 to 30% efficient at best - even hybrids!
  • Road conditions - if the road is wet, your tyres will push water out of their way and use more power.  Wet roads are bad for long range riding.  Hot tarmac causes more friction and is also bad for long range.
  • Wind - a head wind creates more wind resistance and will reduce the range - conversely a tail wind will make you go further.
  • Bike weight - the rider, load and bike weight will all reduce the range, but not by very much.
  • Tyre pressure - if the tyres are low, they create more friction and slow the bike, reducing the range available.
  • Brakes - make sure the brakes are not dragging on the wheels while you are riding.  Disc brakes and rear roller brakes are great for reducing this - the old rubber pads on V-brakes need fine tuning to avoid rubbing on the rims.
  • Frequent starting and stopping also reduces the range as the motor has to operate at low, inefficient speeds.
  • Riding at full speed uses more power to overcome wind resistance than, say, at two thirds the maximum speed.  Riding easily about 18-20 km/h will get you further than flat out riding at about 25 to 30 km/h.  Use your built in Krys cycle computer on most bikes to guage your speed.
  • Using the lights will drain the battery.  However, using lights, even in the daytime, increases your visibility to other road users.  If you are on a bike only path in the daytime, using lights might not provide much added safety, but will reduce your range.  Or you can use separate lights not connected to the main battery - but please think of the environment and use rechargable batteries, preferably lithium ion, air or polymer based rather than eco-harmful Nickel Cadmium or Nickel Metal Hydride.