Benefits of a Krys e-Bike


What are the benefits of riding a Krys electric bike?

Official reasons:

  1. Health - by making riding a bike or trike more practical, especially in areas with light rolling hills or long distances between destinations, you are more likely to ride the bike. By being fitter, you are less likely to need healthcare when you are older, you will feel better, sleep better and be able to look after your children better and for longer.
  2. Environment - by choosing to ride your bike rather than taking the car or second family car, you are not burning fossil fuels and not putting yet more CO2 into our precious air.
  3. Cost - by reducing your cost per km, you are significantly reducing the cost of transport for you and your family.  This means there is more money to spend on beer or your child's education, depending on your priorities!  You may come to the conclusion, as many of Krys' customers already have, that you rarely use the second family car so you sell it to save on the registration, insurance, maintenance, servicing, etc that needs to be paid for, even if you do not do many kms in it.  You will even find it much cheaper to hire a car for a day, or catch a taxi for those occasions when you need a car for passengers or load reasons.
  4. Less stress - you can zip by many other cars that are stuck in rush hour traffic.  Check out Google earth during rush hour to see the average car speed around your city's roads.  In Sydney the main roads typically have red dots on them - this is less than 10 km/h!
  5. More efficiency - you will find that typical short trips up to a few kms are faster by bike than by car.  You do not need to drive around seeking a car parking space, pay for car parking, risk car burglary in car parks, etc.
  6. Less maintenance - you don't have to stop for 5 or 10 minutes to pick up fuel at petrol stations and wipe your windshield and check your oil, etc - just plug in the bike to recharge periodically - for many riders this is just once a week, if you have a long commute, maybe overnight or while you are at work - and top up the tyre pressure when it feels low, approximately every 2 to 3 months!  Your Krys bike will also love a wipe down with a damp cloth when it gets dirty and a drop of oil or two on the chain, if it has one.

Unofficial reasons!

  1. It's really lots of fun to ride a Krys electric bike.
  2. You get to zoom past those rush hour traffic jams safely in the cycle lanes.  This is lots of satisfying FUN!
  3. You get to see some parts of the city that many other people don't get to see, on dedicated cycle paths through national parks, reserves and back lanes where cars cannot go.  Much more FUN than being stuck in the same smoggy rush hour streets day after day.
  4. You will not get pulled over for speeding!
  5. Your children will love you - the nutty parents who take them out cycling at the weekend.  Now you can actually keep up with your kids!  Using a Krys Child Carrier or Krys Cargo Trike you can even take the younger ones with you - no sweat!  Much more fun than most other weekend activities.
  6. Your grandchildren will not blame you for stuffing up their Earth with CO2, SO2, NO and other horrible nanoparticle pollution from inefficient fossil fuel burning.
  7. By being healthier, happier, more positive and satisfied with life you will have a better and more fulfilling life.  Now that is MUCH more fun!
  8. Did we mention how much FUN these bikes are to ride?