Krys Foldee Mini Electric Bike at the beachIf you commute to work on the bus or train, the Kompact could save you lots of time and money. Instead of walking or driving the few kms to the train station then walking from the train to your work, take the Krys Kompact with you. Your journey will be quicker and much more fun, while at the same time you are getting your blood pumping and have time to contemplate the day ahead.

The Kompact is lightweight with a huge 24Volt 6 or 9Ah Lithium Ion battery hidden away in the frame of the bike. The lower frame member totally encloses the battery, both concealing it from prying eyes and protecting it from inadvertent damage. The high torque motor is up front, eliminating the possiblity of an electric wheely when you turn the pedals.

Yet, with all the smart design of this bike, it is very lightweight, only about 14kg with the battery, folds down with 2 easy clips and even comes with a handy carry bag which turns into a cool backpack for your waterbag, iPad or netbook when it is not carrying an electric bike.

Krys Foldee Mini Electric Bike at the beachThe Kompact has a range in the order of 30+ kms in pedal assist mode and about 20km in just pure electric mode. I used this bike in China doing 2 km commutes 5 times a week and only charged the bike one a week for about 4 hours each time.  I tended to ride the bike in electric mode, giving a boost with the pedals when I needed to overtake and for starting the bike moving.  For safety reasons the electric motor will not kick in unless the pedals are turned to start off.  You do not really want to have someone, especially your child, to turn the throttle and have the bike leap forward, so the pedals need to be turned at the same time as the main switch is on and the throttle is turned to obtain electric assist.

A nice walking assist feature is also added.  If you do need electric assist for wheeling the bike up a steep driveway for instance, you can twist the throttle and roll the bike back a little - this will engage the power to get the bike pulling itself along with no effort from the person walking alongside.

The pedals and handlebars are also foldable and height adjustable with a sports seat with an option of a long seat post for riders up to 185 cms tall.

A average sedan can fit 2 to 4 Krys Foldee Mini Electric Bikes in the boot.To make cycling the bike safe and easy a front disc brake and rear drum brake accompany the high quality Shimano Nexus 3 speed gears.

When the Kompact is folded it fits neatly into the boot of most sedans.  An average sedan like a Camry can hold 2 to 4 Krys Kompact electric bikes to make for a fun family outing or great 'get about' transport for camping trips.


Motor Power: 180W Brushless High effective 8FUN

Battery: 24V,9Ah lithium battery

Frame:  Grade 6 Al frame

Gears: Shimano Nexus 3 speed hub

Shifter: Shimano thumb shifter

Power Modes:

a) Pedal assist (Pedelec), 1:1 assistance

b) throttle control, right hand side, variable assistance when you need it

c) no power assist

Max speed: No maximum speed set. Maximum speed determined by motor power, gearing and rider fitness.

Brake System: front disc brake, rear drum brake

Fork: Aluminium forks

Bell: Honky Tonk air horn.

Bottom Bracket: VP sealed bearing

Chain Wheel:  alloy chain wheel

Pedals:  Folding rubber nonslip

Rims/Tire: 12" diameter thick puncture resistant

Spokes: 13g Stainless steel

Chain: Rust resistant

Rear Clothes Guard: None

Kickstand: Single leg on rear axle

Security Lock / Alarm: Battery is stored out of sight within the frame.  Locking by link or cable lock (optional).

Other fixings and attachments: Alloy and stainless steel

Seat Post: Alloy seat post available in 2 lengths to suit rider height  

Stem: Collapsible locking riser bars on alloy stem head


Front: Optional 1 to 3 watt bright LED  (1 to 3 watts) with integrated MP3 player, 20 hours light duration on bright mode, 6 hours MP3 on speaker, 60 hours MP3 on earphones or line out to your own iPod/iPhone speaker station (not included)

Rear LED light.

Side reflectors on the spokes, rear and front reflectors.

Net Weight: Bike with battery and standard accessories: 18.7kg

Accessories: Plastic splash guards. Velo saddle and rear rack.

Package Dimensions: 1014*200*450MM

RRP: AU$1,150