Klassic Skooter

Krys Classique Electric ScooterComing in early 2012....

Rounded lines and a classic look give this electric scooter a beautiful retro style.  

Great for getting around the suburbs and metro areas, this great mover has powerful options of 1500 or 3000 watt electric motors to get you around town and up most hills at up to the legal limit of 50 km/h.  The heavy duty and eco-friendly 60volt 40Ah Lithium battery has the capacity to take you about 110 km under flat road conditions before charging in any normal electricity socket.  Realistically you should expect about 80 km range on Aussie suburban roads and if you have a route with many traffic lights and junctions, this may be reduced further.

Using a high efficiency electric motor provides low speed torque which pulls away quickly at traffic lights without burning any fossil fuels and with no noise or smoky fumes of an internal combustion engine.  The motor provides a similar power to a 125 to 250cc engine, but without the high revs needed from 2 or 4 stroke equivalent petrol engines to get the same power and with a smooth torque curve.

With space in the seat and in the optional tail box there is ample room for your iPad, Macbook, files, etc that you need for work, or for a generous amount of shopping.  You can even carry shopping bags in the footwell on the hook provided.

Fully compliant and street legal the Krys Klassic looks good in the burbs and the city alike.

LAMS approved by the RTA for learner riders.

Available in sleek black, high visilbility hot red and bright white.


Motor power: 1500W/3000W

Motor Type:  Brushless Hub Motor

Max Speed:  50km/h (legal limit)

Battery: 60V 40Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Iron Phosphate - one of the most advanced battery technologies in the world

Battery lifespan: approx 1000 - 1500 charges

Charging time: Typical recharge 1 to 2 hours, full charge from empty 6 hours

Charging Voltage:  110-240V

Range per charge: up to 110km, more with spare removeable batteries.

Drive:  Rear wheel drive

Brake Type: Front disc brake, Rear disc brake

Load capacity:  150kgs (two people)

Shock Absorber:  Hydraulic with spring

Weight: approx 99kg

Packaging Dimensions: 179 x 70 x 114 cm

RRP: AU$4,800

Legal:  The scooter is classed as an LA moped and requires road registration and third party insurance to be legally ridden on Australian roads. 

The rider will also need to hold a rider's licence in ACT, NSW, TAS, or VIC or a car or rider's licence in NT, SA, WA or QLD.  Note some restrictions apply to car licence holders riding LA mopeds, for example with regard to the authority to carry pillion passengers - check with your local state authority for more details.

The rider also needs to wear a suitable helmet, similar to a motorcycle helmet.