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Krys's blog


The new year is here and the nice weather has arrived.  

So far...

The new Kruzer models have been here a week now and I have done a little over 30 kms.  The thing I like about it so far is the battery is still on 80% indicated remaining charge.  I will see how that goes over the next 30 kms.  The last ~10 kms of that was with a +Kidz child trailer in tow, with about 15 kgs of camera gear - lenses, tripod, light stands, and cameras.  Plus a spare bike battery, just in case - but I won't be doing that again in a hurry!  After a photo shoot at the beach and a ride around the local countryside I headed home for a break from the lovely Spring sun.


New models here.

The new models have arrived and the first units were built yesterday.  Looking beautiful!  Only safe colours available on the bigger bikes, flame red and snow white, but the Foldee bikes are now in stock in black, silver and blue.  Pics to follow in the next week or so.

Cargo bike revolution

This is a great little story of how a cargo bike can add value to your life and help teach your kids and their friends about good, sustainable living.


Moving Planet - 24 September

On 24 September 2011 there is a global event taking place called Moving Planet, organised by  This is encouraging people globally to take up arms against CO2 emissions by getting on their bikes, skateboards, unicycles, whatever, so long as it does not burn fossil fuels.

Krys will be there too with our new electric assisted step through beach cruisers, cargo bikes, and commuter bikes.


While cycling is a great cardio workout, the extent of movement of our limbs is fairly limited.  Our arms and torso normally do not tend to move to a great extent, ie they do flex many times a second, but do not move in a significant range.  After a while some parts of our body can get stiff.  The following from the League of American Bicyclists will help you to increase your cycling distance by flexing those parts of your body that normally don't get such a good workout.

New models on the way

New models are on their way.  Just got the first pics of production models from our QA in China - looking nice so far!  These models will have a choice of 3 or 7 speed Shimano hub gears or no gears!  

Why to charge your EV at night.

Attached below is a copy of a Science Daily news article about a study done at MIT regarding charging of a plug in hybrid electric vehicle.

Welcome to the Krys Blog...

Firstly Welcome to the Krys Blog.

So many times I have been travelling, riding, visiting suppliers or customers and thought to myself 'I could write a blog entry about that...'.  Well, I have finally gotten around to starting it.

My first entry is about when the best time is to charge your EV.

I have many topics lined up along the Electric Vehicle (EV), Permaculture, enviro-friendly theme so here goes...

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