Krys Electric Bikes, Trikes and Mopeds

A sample of Krys electric bikes, scooters and cargo trikes

Krys brings the best of electric bicycles, electric tricycles and electric powered moped style scooters to Australia.

Features of Krys bikes include:

  • Stylish scooters with up to 160 kms range
  • Lightweight - bikes from just 14 to 27 kgs
  • Cargo carrying capacity for weekly shopping trips
  • Fast recharging - some bikes just 3 hours
  • No lead or other heavy metals
  • Great safety features

With over 40 years of cycling experience, Krys bikes use the world's best components to ensure that your ride is safe and fun.

Krys aims to add value to your life by:

  • assisting  people and businesses to reduce their carbon impact on the planet,Emission Free
  • reducing personal and business expenses by eliminating car use for short journeys and commuting and
  • benefiting rider's health by making riding fun and enjoyable

Krys for Climate Change impact. Krys has a strong focus on the environment.  In fact, that is why Krys was started - to assist you in reducing your carbon impact on the Earth. Read More...

Krys for Quality.  Krys has a focus on quality so you have years of enjoyable riding. Read More...

Krys for Safety. Krys bikes are available in high visibility colours such as white and red. Where available, tyres have reflective striped walls to enhance night time visibility, especially at junctions. Highly effective disk brakes are fitted where possible. Shimano roller brakes that provide excellent stopping power are used on the rear wheels with the advanced Shimano inner gears.  Read More...

Lead FreeKrys for Eco-friendly.  Krys has a strong focus on environmental impact using Refuse, Reuse, Recycle, Reduce whenever possible. Read More...

Krys for Utility. If you want to take your bike shopping instead of using the family car (Krys Cargo Trike), want to commute to work (Krys City Zipper or Krys Classique or Krys Contemp mopeds), cycle to the bus stop or train station and take your bike with you (Krys Foldee Mini / Macro), or look cool while you have a simple trip around the area with your 2 children (Krys Beach Cruiser), Krys has a vehicle choice for you.  Read more...

Krys bikes are safe, fun and easy to use for people aged 12 to 80+.

Krys wish you have fun and enjoy your long term bike ownership with Krys!